The Pinnacle Program

The Pinnacle School enables students with language-based social and academic deficits to thrive through small class sizes, differentiated instruction, active problem-solving and relationship building.

At The Pinnacle School, social cognition and executive function skills are the foundation of our program. Together with a challenging hands-on, multisensory curriculum, we meet students where they are and carefully raise the bar to ensure they are met with success while simultaneously teaching them how to overcome challenges.  

We focus on rebuilding self-esteem, resilience, and an enthusiasm for learning by identifying students’ strengths, creating opportunities for small successes, and building on those daily. Students begin to see their own potential and gain confidence.

We include our students as insightful members of their team. By doing so, they learn the important role they have in their own problem-solving, and we teach them the strategies to make meaningful strides forward. This individualized and scaffolded approach enables our students to reach their true potential, and flourish.