Behavior Support


Our primary goal is to ensure that our students feel safe, secure, and comfortable so they can build strong relationships with the staff, other students, and members of the community. Staff work to develop a strong rapport with students in order to identify their interests and motivators. Our emphasis is on designing a learning environment in which interfering behaviors are proactively managed. Students are given opportunities to work on merging skills in a facilitated, controlled environment, allowing them to be better prepared for real-world situations. 

Our behavioral staff is skilled at determining why a student might be engaging in a specific behavior in a given situation.  Once this is determined they are able to facilitate the development of lagging skills thus enabling that student to replace their impulsive response with something more socially appropriate given the situation.  

  • Makes students active participants in the creation of an individualized plan

  • Teaches appropriate ways to communicate needs

  • Implements structured breaks throughout the day

  • Provides tools to combat anxiety

  • Develops abilities to be flexible and cope with unexpected changes

  • Enables active communication between home and school to create continuity and consistency