Co-Curriculum & Enrichment



Service Learning

Service Learning provides students with real life opportunities out in the community to help them develop and apply academic, social and personal skills to while making a contribution to society. This helps to promote applied learning across classes and settings, empower students to develop projects that engage and improve the community, help students think beyond themselves, develop empathy and facilitate peer mentoring.  Students have in-school instruction as well as opportunities to visit designated locations in order to volunteer their time.


Field Trips

Pinnacle’s field trips are curriculum and community-based.  They are designed to help reinforce or set the stage for lessons that occur in the classroom and provide multi-modal learning opportunities.  All field trips are opportunities for students to practice social cognition skills as they are out in the community, interacting with others outside of the school.



Physical education is offered to students in all grades. Our P.E. classes take place at the New York Sports Club, a short walk up the street from our building. We use our own teachers to teach a variety sports and athletic skills. Lower and middle school students have recess, combined with lunch several times a week at the Old Greenwich Civic Center, a short drive from our school, where they can enjoy the playground and open fields.


Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays are fun events designed to provide social opportunities to Pinnacle students.  They are sponsored by the Pinnacle Parent Association (PPA) and are organized by parents with the help of the Special Projects Manager & NEASC Coordinator.  Pinnacle staff act as chaperones for these events, though parents are encouraged to attend. Fun Fridays take place on scheduled, specific Fridays after regular dismissal and are voluntary to attend.  Students who do not participate will be dismissed as usual. Some of the events take place at Pinnacle, while others take place at designated locations. For those events that take place off-site, Pinnacle will provide transportation TO the event, however, parents/guardians are responsible for making pick up arrangements FROM the site.  Pinnacle does not provide transportation back to the school. Additionally, as these are PPA sponsored events, parents are needed as volunteers to stay with anyone who is picked up later than the designated time. Often, a few parents will come together to help with different aspects of the event. Parents are responsible for:

  • Touching base with a venue and booking the event (time and date are determined with the PPA and Special Projects Manager & NEASC Coordinator)

  • Sending out invitations to other parents and permission slips as needed (using the Student Directory that is emailed to them by the Administrative Coordinator)

  • Collecting rsvp’s

  • Sending the rsvp list to the Special Projects Manager & NEASC Coordinator

  • Sending reminders to parents

  • Providing food or snacks (parents often ask participating students to send in money to cover the cost of the event, food, and beverages - the money is collected by the Special Projects Manager & NEASC Coordinator and given to the parent organizing the event that day)

  • Designating a parent assigned to stay with any students if they are picked up later than the designated pick-up time


After School Sports Program

The after school sports program focuses on building commitment and perseverance with our students through the development of teamwork skills, an awareness of positive physical fitness practices, and a sense of good sportsmanship. It is an opportunity for our students to enhance their overall athletic ability and includes both competitive and less competitive/skill building components.

The program takes place after school Monday through Thursday for an hour each day. Mondays and Wednesdays are designated to soccer, while Tuesdays and Thursdays focus on basketball. Each session includes time for warm-ups, technique development, and games. Skill building groups focus on acclimating our students to participating in sports activities with an emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and the development of core athletic skills.


Homework Help

Our faculty and staff work with students to organize their assignments and help them manage their homework and school projects. Students develop and utilize executive functions skills, learning how to stay on task and sustain attention to complete their school work. They also learn techniques to manage their time more effectively, building valuable study skills in the process.