Financial Assistance

The Pinnacle School is comprised of a socio-economically diverse student body. The majority of our students are placed directly by their public school districts. For families who are applying to The Pinnacle School privately, limited financial assistance may be available for your child's tuition.

Financial assistance at The Pinnacle School in the form of a grant from the Greenwich Education Group (GEG) Foundation, a 501(c)(3) established to provide financial assistance to qualified students accepted to The Pinnacle School, as well as other GEG schools. These need-based scholarships are granted annually to students regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or disability.

Eligibility is based on many factors and requires a thorough review of the family's ability to fund tuition. To determine grants fairly and equitably, The Pinnacle School uses the Student Service of Financial Aid (SSS), commonly used by most private schools. This service analyzes the information you provide on the required forms and computes a recommended tuition payment. Each school then amends this recommendation according to its own internal policies and resources. This may include additional factors not computed in the methodology, such as cost of living and special circumstances. 

At this time all grants are limited and our foundation is not able to meet the full need of every qualified applicant. We understand that many families find it challenging to pay a private school tuition, and it often involves making education a high priority in financial planning and budgeting. As we have limited assistance available, we urge every family to explore other resources. Tuition payment plans are also available to all families, regardless of whether they apply for or receive financial assistance. 


To apply for financial assistance, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SSS website to complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS).

  2. Send the last two years of your federal and state tax returns, including all required schedules, to the Admissions Office.

  3. Send any additional information you think is important for the Financial Assistance Committee to take into consideration when determining your grant, such as any unusual circumstances or information not included on your PFS or tax returns.

The Financial Assistance Committee will review your application once all information is submitted and make a final decision. This will be communicated by the Director of Admissions.