Pinnacle's campus features a state-of-the-art Occupational Therapy (OT) gymnasium space equipped with suspended equipment and interactive tools, providing our students with an optimal OT experience to support their growth and development. In collaboration with teachers and specialists, our OT team also establishes sensory supports and strategies to enhance self-regulation and meet the demands of the classroom environment.

The focus of OT at Pinnacle is to address students’ individual sensory and motor needs in order to improve their overall performance in the school setting—and beyond. Our program focuses on sensory integration theory and praxis development in order to remediate critical foundational skills.

These skills include:

  • Vision & Auditory Skills
  • Postural Control & Motor Coordination
  • Gross & Fine Motor Development
  • Planning & Sequencing Abilities
  • Vestibular & Somatosensory Processing

Skill improvements allow students to achieve greater success with:

  • Problem Solving
  • Executive Functions
  • Reaching a Higher Level of Cognitive Functioning
  • Adapting & Performing in an Ever-Changing School Environment