At Pinnacle, we believe that language is a foundational building block for academic and personal success. The ability to communicate well includes being able to listen, speak, read, and write. These fundamental abilities run through the core of the human experience. The Pinnacle Speech and Language Program focuses on these four areas by integrating language development into all forms of learning, across all settings.

All programs are individualized. Depending on each student’s needs, services are provided in individual sessions, small structured groups, or integrated into classes.

Areas of focus include:

  • Following Multi-Step Directions
  • Paying Attention to Auditory Information in Order to Retain, Organize, Conceptualize & Synthesize
  • Recounting or Describing Events
  • Using Context Clues to Understand Meaning
  • Developing & Expanding Receptive & Expressive Vocabulary
  • Expressing Oneself in a Clear & Concise Manner
  • Grasping the Main Idea of a Conversation or Story
  • Distinguishing Relevant from Irrelevant Details
  • Making Inferences & Predictions
  • Understanding Abstract & Figurative Language, Innuendos & Humor